Secret Society of the Bag Logo

The Secret Society of the Bag. Is a club for people with a certain set of skills and interests.



Allow me to welcome you to the Secret Society of the Bag. It’s a club for people with a certain set of skills and interests, and the less people who know about it, the better. It’s like a secret society within a secret society. May be off putting to some people but we are the most inclusive group out there, no one gets left behind here. Our secret is out there for everyone to discover but not everyone can join to learn the deeper secrets.

Owning one bag of your own will allow you to join exclusive channels in the server which will grant you access to helping make decisions with the project. This includes voting on future ideas, plans, giveaways, etc. Everyone gets a say, no one’s vote will overpower another’s vote. Make sure to become a part of this journey with us to develop the best project and community the Solana blockchain has ever seen!

Our RoadMap

  1. Bags are born. Our community (society) builds into an unstoppable force ready to take over the blockchain. Giveaways, contests, and competitions to secure whitelist spots, free NFTs, and OG roles to founding members.
  2. All-out attack on social media to expand our society. Bags utilizes new-school marketing tactics to invade social media platforms like Twitter. Remember, joining forces as a society will help us complete our mission.
  3. 5,555 Bags are introduced onto the Solana blockchain. Founding members of the Society gain priority access first.
  4. Members vote on the future of the Society. Roadmap 2.0 generates as we grow.


Bio coming soon Anon

Bio coming soon Anon